Friday, January 29, 2010

The Girlies...

So for FluffyCon '10 this may indeed be the final run of the orcs in a tournament for a while (assuming I can at least assemble the WoC in time for Equinox in March). Although I enjoy the giant in my standard tournament list, and think it's a soft choice, I want to take the Wyvern and the one terror causer limit means I've been forced to look in the troll direction. These lovely ladies are my answer to that!
The inspiration comes from the general lack of knowledge regarding female orcs (or the reproductive cycle of orcs in general) which sounded fun to play off, and also me having no desire to spend $150 on some 'normal' trolls. Painting has begun, as my things to do list consists of these, the Spider-mounted BSB and the boar chariot.

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