Monday, July 20, 2009

Twang... d'oh!

Yay, finally finished up a unit of arrer boyz. I'm quite happy with how the bows turned out and will probably do the same thing on all bows I do from now on. Quite easy to do as well. I've decided that snow is much better looking when I cover baking soda over the BS/PVA mixture rather than just sprinkling it over straight PVA. Melting snow needs the bulk.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Blue is da Best!

I've decided to really play on the red vs blue theme for this army now, continuing from the chukkas to the boyz. This is the unit filler for the blue team. The boyz below will have blue paint being splattered on them from above. I was happy with how the paint spewing from the cans worked out.

Wheels of Thunder...

I read somewhere to always use your chariots in twos. With that in mind I altered another of my boar chariots. I was happy with the freehand on the banner here, but I must say Gnoblars are arse to paint.