Thursday, November 27, 2008


The first of my Cynar warriors of the Seven Seas is Jr. A fantastic model to paint, the sculpt is clean and clear with no tricky places for a brush. This model was my trial for the paint scheme and I am very pleased with the results. I took a risk trying a sort of fake NMM (to scared still to try the real thing) with the result looking like a matt metal finish.
There's a little bit of lighting effect there too which I hope to get better at. Good enough for now though.
Blue - Midnight Blue to Enchanted Blue to Skull White, personal fav.
NMM (?) - Shadow Grey to Space Wolves Grey
White - Tried something new here and I like it a lot: Dark Flesh, Dark Flesh/Vallejo Bone White 50/50, Bone White, Vallejo Off White.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Next Step...

The second round of bases are finished. These are the last (for now) that have been completed seperate from their models. I have added a beach in many of the bases to asist the 'tying-in' of those that won't fit/work on the wharfs, i.e. B13, Reinholdt, Aiyana and Holt, epics, etc will have beach bases.

Colour Schemes:

Timber - Balsa, Chaos Black spray undercoat, Scorched Earth basecoat, Graveyard Earth/Commando Khaki drybrushes.

Metal - Nails cut from Tomb King spearheads, chain from $2 Shop necklace, Chaos Black, Chainmail wetbrush. Rust - 70/30 Terrecotta/Blazing Orange, watered down to wash, applyed liberally in 1-3 coats as required.

Sand - Chaos Black, drybrush (DB) Snakebite Leather, DB Bubonic Brown, DB lightly Bleached Bone, DB Chaos white in selected patches.

Water - Enchanted Blue and mixes of Enchanted Blue with Chaos Black and Skull White for wave shadow/highlight lines.

Glowsticks - Cut from Thunderhead's electrical arm coils (unused) Dark Angels Green/Scorpion Green/Chaos White, drybrushed lighting effects.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Humble Beginnings

Being inspired for a change of scenery after 3 years of Warhammer, behold the beginnings of my Cygnar army... the bases. Balsa, jewelery chain and wire 'ropes' make for a nice start to the nautical theme.