Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Tormented...

Here are my first dipped models, the unit of 5 forsaken.




Again, pretty happy with the result. They seems to have photographed marvelously which is rare for me. I love the models and can't wait to seem them rip stuff up then die horribly in a manner fitting to their calling.

The Beast...

And here he is in all his glorious red. I'm perfectly happy with how he's turned out. I was nervous about the terracotta bases, but some bold highlights and brown grass did the trick. I think the tree foliage also helps balance the red. My aim of having the army finished in time for Tin Soldiers in on track due to my decision to dip the army. Having finished my first dipped unit, I'm pretty happy with the result too. Now, the painting formulas so I don't forget:

Mechrite Red
Badab Black
Mechrite Red
P3 Khador Red Base
P3 Khador Red Highlight

Scorched Brown
Graveyard Earth
Vallejo (?) White (72101) added for highlights

Devlan Mud
Terracotta/Vallejo Bone White

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Fallen Shall Rise...

So I've got lots of projects on the go at the moment. Firstly here is my Warriors of Chaos Dragon Lord, fully modeled and prepared for a lick of paint. I picked up the model from my local club's bits box and have been meaning to put it to use for some time. To those of you that are bound to claim all Chaos Dragons must have two heads... shut up! I don't care. I have finally decided upon a paint scheme for my Warriors of Chaos, which I will actually be dipping to get them done in time for Tin Soldiers 3. Cream and red is the order of the day, so the dragon is going to be dark red with my signature bold highlights. The Lord the Juggernaut rider and is interchangeable.

Secondly, here is the fully painted 15pt army for the Nation at War Warmachine campaign. I am pleased with the colour scheme (consisting of more white than the usualy Cygnar blue), and also with the quality given the low amount of time I committed to finishing these off. We are currently half way through the 25pt part of the campaign. My list for this segment is:

^Ol' Rowdy
Jr Warcaster
Black 13th
6 Sword Knights
Eiryss, Angel of Retribution

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nation at War...

So, I'm going to take a break from WHFB for a while to give my Cygnar some much needed love. There is a National campaign running at the moment that I will be a part of which continues for a number of months. Lists start off at 15 points and increase as time goes on. My 15 pt list is based (of course) around Stryker, and is as follows:

Commander Stryker
Jr. Warcaster
Black 13th

Having finished the Ironclad I am happy with the colour scheme and am planning on having the last two models in list (Stryker and Lancer) finished before the end of the month.

I have also given in to more Maelstrom goodness and purchased eHailey and more importantly Ol' Rowdy. Can't wait to add Rowdy to the team.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Battlefield...

I decided that sponsoring a table for the upcoming Equinox tournament was the only way I was ever going to get around to finishing my terrain. So that's what I did. Unfortunately it means that I haven't even finished assembling the army I plan on taking to Equinox. Late nights ahead!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

And the winner is...

Well, I have finally secured myself a Best Presented Army prize! Attending Fluffycon this year I knew this was likely my best shot at winning for a while as Philfy's Demons are nearing completion. I've also decided that is my last tournament with the Orcs probably until Fluffycon next year. I had added a number of new models to my list since the last tournament which were very well received by all, namely the 'Trolls' and the Goblin BSB on spider.

My list:

Orc Warboss, Wyvern, light armour, Enchanted Shield, Akk'rit Axe
Goblin BSB, Gigantic Spider, Amulet of Protectiness, Sneaky Skewer (newly modeled)
Orc Shaman, Lvl 2, Scroll
Night Goblin Shaman, Lvl 2
25 Orcs, FC, shields
5 Wolf Riders, musician
5 Spider Riders, musician
20 Night Goblins, shortbows, musician, fanatic
20 Night Goblins, shortbows, musician, fanatic
15 Savage Orcs, extra handweapons, champion, musician
14 Black Orcs, shields, FC, Warbanner
Boar Chariot (newly modeled)
7 Squig Hoppers
2 Spear Chukkas
Doom Diver
4 Trolls (newly modeled)

Pics to follow when I can be bothered. For now, the Orcs have finally been put in a carry case as I look to start on the Warriors of Chaos army I've been planning. I have all the models and need them assembled in time for Equinox (four weeks time).

Gateway for the win!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Dreams are free...

So I thought I'd list my goals for the year 2010 in order to 1) give me the drive to complete my painting projects, 2) gloat if/when I achieve them, and 3) hide in shame if/when I fail spectacularly.

1. Qualify for the NZ Masters. One more decent finish in a tournament last year would have seen me up there, so with a planned attendance of 5 tournaments this year, I think I can achieve this.

2. Win a Best Painted Army award. I believe the best chance I have of this is FluffyCon in a few weeks as the army I lost out to at Fields of Blood won't be there. I have some nice new centerpieces planned so fingers crossed.

3. Finish the Warriors of Chaos army in time for Natcon. I don't think will (read: I'm sure I won't) be able to finish them for Equinox which was my goal, but I will be taking them even if they're bare and blue-tac'd!

4. Crush my arch nemesis Adam Richards the next time he's brave enough to accept my grudge. So far I'm 0-1-1... a record I'd like to rectify!!!

I think that should be it. The Ogres are on hold again unfortunately. There's just not enough sun shine hours these days.

The Girlies...

So for FluffyCon '10 this may indeed be the final run of the orcs in a tournament for a while (assuming I can at least assemble the WoC in time for Equinox in March). Although I enjoy the giant in my standard tournament list, and think it's a soft choice, I want to take the Wyvern and the one terror causer limit means I've been forced to look in the troll direction. These lovely ladies are my answer to that!
The inspiration comes from the general lack of knowledge regarding female orcs (or the reproductive cycle of orcs in general) which sounded fun to play off, and also me having no desire to spend $150 on some 'normal' trolls. Painting has begun, as my things to do list consists of these, the Spider-mounted BSB and the boar chariot.