Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Beast...

And here he is in all his glorious red. I'm perfectly happy with how he's turned out. I was nervous about the terracotta bases, but some bold highlights and brown grass did the trick. I think the tree foliage also helps balance the red. My aim of having the army finished in time for Tin Soldiers in on track due to my decision to dip the army. Having finished my first dipped unit, I'm pretty happy with the result too. Now, the painting formulas so I don't forget:

Mechrite Red
Badab Black
Mechrite Red
P3 Khador Red Base
P3 Khador Red Highlight

Scorched Brown
Graveyard Earth
Vallejo (?) White (72101) added for highlights

Devlan Mud
Terracotta/Vallejo Bone White

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