Friday, January 16, 2009

Goblins With Spears...

Spear Chukkas, red team and blue team. Nothing special with modeling except sticking them on bases. The models are nice, esp the chukka itself. I do like the way the metal has turned out on these also. Basically black undercoat, Boltgun Metal drybrush, my fancy 'rust' wash, Brown Ink, then another Boltgun Metal drybrush.


James said...

Hey Josh,

Whats your "rust" wash?

Looks great!

Milamber said...

As per request:

Rust wash = a mixture of GW Blazing Orange and Terrecotta (about 50-50, but I eyeball it) and LOADS of water to make it a wash. Once applied and dried, I go over the metal again with brown ink to age it further and finally touch up with Boltgun Metal (or whatever it's called).