Monday, November 24, 2008

The Next Step...

The second round of bases are finished. These are the last (for now) that have been completed seperate from their models. I have added a beach in many of the bases to asist the 'tying-in' of those that won't fit/work on the wharfs, i.e. B13, Reinholdt, Aiyana and Holt, epics, etc will have beach bases.

Colour Schemes:

Timber - Balsa, Chaos Black spray undercoat, Scorched Earth basecoat, Graveyard Earth/Commando Khaki drybrushes.

Metal - Nails cut from Tomb King spearheads, chain from $2 Shop necklace, Chaos Black, Chainmail wetbrush. Rust - 70/30 Terrecotta/Blazing Orange, watered down to wash, applyed liberally in 1-3 coats as required.

Sand - Chaos Black, drybrush (DB) Snakebite Leather, DB Bubonic Brown, DB lightly Bleached Bone, DB Chaos white in selected patches.

Water - Enchanted Blue and mixes of Enchanted Blue with Chaos Black and Skull White for wave shadow/highlight lines.

Glowsticks - Cut from Thunderhead's electrical arm coils (unused) Dark Angels Green/Scorpion Green/Chaos White, drybrushed lighting effects.

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